So I have a confession to make. Remember how a coupe blog posts back I was so excited to tell you I was going to begin enamel jewelry making? Well, I have yet to make my first batch.

I have this weird fear that has been paralyzing me ever since my new kiln arrived in the mail. I know that this is a common feeling that everyone feels when trying something new, but it is driving me crazy. I feel like such an amateur. 

Something that has helped me a bit is reading from the book Show Your Work!  by artist and writer Austin Kleon. He has a whole chapter on being an amateur. I mean HELLO, I think he was talking directly to me. He writes: 

"We are all terrifed of being revealed as amateurs, but in fact, today it is the amateur-the enthusiast who persues her work in the spirit of love (in French, the word means "lover"), regardless of the potential for fame, money, or career- who often has the advantage over the professional."

So here it is people, next months post is my deadline. I will conquer this fear of being an amateur and share with you my progress in a few weeks, no matter how good or bad. We can all have a good giggle about either a). how silly I was to worry or b). holy cow Amy you have so much to learn still. 

In the meantime, how do you conquer your fears when you feel like you are an amateur?