This March marks the one year anniversary of my first show selling artwork and handmade goods. Being accepted into the Craftin’ Outlaws show has been lifechanging. It has been the catalyst that truly pushed me into making full time. After having over a dozen shows under my belt, being named best in show in November at Craftin' Outlaws, selling my goods at a brick and mortar store, and surpassing 200 sales, I could not be more happy and thankful. 

After one year, here are the things that I am most grateful for as I continue on my journey:

1. Having a supportive husband that helps me at every show, giving up valuable weekend relaxation time. Not to mention he is my sounding board, and my rock, and my biggest cheer leader.

2. Being able to show my four kids what following your dreams looks like. Teaching them that building something from scratch takes dedication and hard work, and loving what you do really matters.

3. Getting to know so many other talented, kind and cool makers. It’s inspiring to see and learn from people at all different stages in their careers. I love that my tribe is growing, and I look forward to paying it forward someday helping other newbies when they first start out.

4. Doing so many shows, and selling so many pieces has pushed me to create more than I have ever created in my life. After years of trial and error, I feel like I finally found my artistic voice. 

5. Talking with buyers at shows that appreciate my work, my aesthetic and the time and energy I put into my work. Making connections with new people in new places that ultimately support what I make.

6. Being able to experience growth, but also not knowing what comes next has been super exciting. Ultimately, I love what I do, and I would not trade this journey for anything else in the world.

Thanks for reading and following along, I am grateful for you as well friend.