I am always struck by the amount of people that ask me at my shows if I make everything in my booth. With the exception of the stickers that I have printed online, my hands touch everything I sell. Being able to explore with new mediums is what keeps me inspired. 

So when I learned that I could apply for a grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council for professional development I was ecstatic. The GCAC is an organization whose sole mission is to support, adovocate, and collaborate with Columbus artists and arts organizations. I mean, how amazing is our city?!?

After securing the grant, I was able to enroll in a class to learn the art of enamel jewelry making at The Smithery. The Smithery is located in Grandview, and is a shop that showcases the most stunning work of over 70 different artists. Even better, it has a working studio located in the back of the shop where a wide range of jewelry making classes take place. 

I walked into this class with absolutely no jewerly making skills, but with the help of the super talented Jen Townsend, I walked away with more knowledge than I could have ever hoped for. Learning the basics of how to cut metal was a little intimidating at first. I was nervous that I would mess up the metal, the saw and also maybe lose a finger. :) But Jen was very patient with me, and the small class environment meant I could work at my own pace. In the end, I was hooked.

I realized if I was going to take on this new medium, it was going to be a major investment. I called upon the GCAC for the second time by applying for a supplies grant. With their help, I was able to purchase my very own enamel kiln for my studio. 

I am so excited to add enamel jewelry to The Makist collection. I am so grateful to the GCAC for their support of local artists, and I am also thankful to The Smithery and Jen Townsend for sharing her talents and studio. I am honored to have the opportunity to continue growing as an artist in such an amazing community.

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