Inspiration is a funny thing. Any artist in the world will tell you that it can be one of the most elusive things one moment, and the next it will nag you until you can't sleep. I find inspiration in a million ways- other artists, books, magazines, nature, my kids, and even something as simple as a cup of coffee. 

On a recent trip to the thrift store I was inspired by a simple patterned ribbon, and after bringing it home I had to experiment. As much as I was loving the rhythm I was getting into with my painting I had to clear my table to make room for my sewing machine, my fabrics, and my trims. Taking inspiration from my thrifted piece of ribbon and one of my favorite artists Jenny Sweeny (go check her out) I dove into an experiment making what I consider wearable art, my wrist cuffs. From chaotic overlapping stitches and fabrics to more meticulous hand stitching on leather, I played, and played and played.  The results can be found in my latest shop update, with about a dozen of these handmade cuffs. 

So if you find yourself puzzled by my latest direction, you have to remember I am in it for the process. I have to experiment, I have to play, I have to chase what inspires me.  Thanks for following along on my journey.