Hello again. After a long summer off with my kids and a few family adventures I am back in my studio doing what I love. I am forever exploring different methods and mediums and lately I have been using watercolors. My go to is the portable Sakura Koi watercolor set in the 36 variety. I have been enjoying creating abstract images with the watercolors that remind me of those cool arial views you get riding in an airplane. I also have been playing with gouache and acrylic paints, but those are not as portable and I like quick and easy these days.

The phrase I used as my title is something I have to remind myself daily as I create and get back into the swing of things. I have it hanging in my studio to remind me to keep pushing, and to keep exploring because art takes confidence. To say the words out loud "I am an artist" is not easy thing when you are venturing into the world having yet sold any work. But it all comes down to the voice of my fearless six year old daughter that so boldly says "My Mom is an artist" to anyone that will listen.